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Demirnus 8/28/2015 5:16 PM
I'm thinking either troll drood or belf dk
Manat 8/23/2015 5:01 PM
For The Alliance!!!
Demirnus 8/22/2015 10:06 PM
Thinking of maining a horde toon for Legiion. thoughts?
Demirnus 8/8/2015 12:27 AM
might have to pick a new class now. if sv is melee will they still have explosive shot? probably not I'd guess
Genowar 8/7/2015 8:44 PM
Worh repeating....Survival Hunters are now melee with a pet, so this explains the spear.
Whisperwind (PvE)
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New Xpac announced!

Demirnus, Aug 6, 15 2:43 PM.

June 23rd Next Patch

Baraloch, Jun 18, 15 7:29 AM.

Be Prepared: Things You Should Do Before 6.2

With Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire dropping on June 23rd, there's definitely things you can be doing now to prepare for the patch. In addition to general things like stocking up on profession materials, we've got a list of things that will prepare you for the upcoming patch! Some of these things are to prepare for future content while others are tips on what is going away with the patch.
Bonus Events rotate on a weekend schedule and offer a passive boost to in-game content as well as a once-per-event quest that offers sizable rewards for completing the bonus content. This guide provides an overview of the bonus events with a special focus on Timewalking Dungeons, a bonus event that allows you to run Burning Crusade and Wrath Dungeons with scaled-down gear.

T.I.N.D.R for Followers

Baraloch, Apr 1, 15 7:36 AM.

Not as LOL as years gone by but still made me smile.

My favourite?  From 2011

Flood the Internet with Positive

Baraloch, Feb 20, 15 2:58 PM.

Welcome ASAs newest Officer!

Baraloch, Jan 19, 15 8:51 PM.
GRATZ Manat !

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