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Demirnus 1/25/2015 8:57 AM
Wow! I have a que to get into battle net.
miw 1/5/2015 8:43 PM
Necro! Come back! We need your outstanding tanking!
miw 1/1/2015 6:56 AM
Happy New year!
Demirnus 12/25/2014 11:14 AM
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Necrotyk 12/6/2014 8:15 PM
suspension of disbelief worked until kung fu panda....
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Welcome ASAs newest Officer!

Baraloch, Jan 19, 15 8:51 PM.
GRATZ Manat !


ASA - WoD Raiding

Baraloch, Jan 7, 15 12:36 PM.
* See post in the Raiding Forums.
READ information in the Guild Need to Know Section (Raid) ...Top left of the home page.

Raid Leader Position OPEN
* Please message Raana or Demirnus for information



Baraloch, Jan 5, 15 11:34 PM.

         Happy 7th  Anniversary ASA!!!


Rank Changes

Baraloch, Dec 8, 14 10:20 PM.
I will be moving toon's ranks. Main Level 100 = Captain  /  Alt Level 100 & Lvl 91 - 99 = Liet.
Please note which toon is your main and which are alts by simply putting that in your toon notes on the guild roster. If I don't see a main / alt I'll move the toon to 'alt' rank.

Also note: Guild repair limit has decreased due to the guild perk "Cash Flow" no longer adding to our coffiers. It was set when the perk was active and we had far fewer active max level guild members.



WHY can't we get online? WoD Release Day

Baraloch, Nov 13, 14 11:39 PM.
UPDATE: and here we are a few days later....
US and EU Maintenance Saturday
Another round of maintenance is coming, this time with some hardware upgrades that should allow significantly more players to play at once. This will be done by phasing all of Draenor like the Tanaan Jungle intro zone.

  • US Maintenance - Starts on Saturday, November 15, at 03:00 AM PST and lasts until 9:00 AM PST.
  • EU Maintenance - Starts on Saturday, November 15, at 04:00 AM GMT and lasts until 10:00 AM GMT.
  • We obviously expected an increase in logins, and prepared for well above what we were expecting. The actual amount is far above even that. (CM_Lore)

Update 8:15 p.m. PST

The DDoS attacks continue. Blizzard is rolling out updates to the backend services at a breakneck pace right now, some of which are having unintended consequences and further complicating an already messy situation. However, it should be noted that this is to be expected when combating such a large scale attack. In no way is Blizzard responsible for an outage on this scale -- responsibility rests with the script kiddies and bot net controllers.

Blizzard also issued the following updated statement at 8:00 pm PST this evening:

Blizzard Entertainment
Our top priority continues to be service issues impacting performance and long wait times on North American realms. We recently pushed a server change that caused disconnects, and as a result login services are heavily impacted as players attempt to (re)log in to the game. If you experience issues logging in, please be patient and wait a few minutes before trying again. We're continuing to work to address other stability and latency issues as well as make additional improvements in game performance.
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